Keeping Communities Close During The Confinement

It arrived quickly and pulled apart our communities and congregations.

And now, an immense part of humanity is confined or in self-isolation.

Isolation, that silent enemy that we work so hard to eradicate all year long is now a part of all our daily lives.

For the already lonely or isolated members of a congregation, this could be especially hard as they are deprived of what could have been their main social outing of the week on top of having the stress of becoming infected with the virus.

For the last two weeks, SPiN Media has been working with the Montreal West United Church to create the first online services of their history. The response has been unanimous, the online services fills a void, a need and has created a very emotional response from the congregation.

There are multiple ways to keep your congregation and community connected through these tough times and we would be more than honored to guide you through it.

Contact us now for a free consultation and discover our bespoke approach to your digital needs.

Here is the Palm Sunday service of the Montreal West United Churchproduced by SPiN Media



Published by Kevin Laramee

Professional Statistician Radio/TV Host Sportswriter Producer

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